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This page will be the central repository for all pasta sauces.

Tomato Sauces[edit]

Tomato based and by far the most common form of Pasta Sauce (especially among North Americans,) even the best of canned sauces can be beaten easily by anything you see here. There's really no excuse to use canned or jarred sauces in their basic form. Some of these recipes use a basic Hunt's sauce as their starting ingredient but expand on the flavour.

Tomato Sauce can be made in bulk and frozen easily enough and used as a base for any number of these sauces throughout the rest of the year, simply thaw, add extra ingredients and let simmer.

  • marinara: Loosely translated as Sailor's Sauce, Marinara is a jazzed up basic tomato sauce. A good Marinara should highlight the extra flavours added to it. Popular variations include adding Chile Pepper of some kind or cheese to make a thicker sauce.
  • puttanesca: Directly translated as Whore's Sauce; tomato, garlic, anchovies, capers, olives

Meat Sauces[edit]

  • amatriciana: bacon, red pepper, and tomato
  • bolognese: Meat Based Sauce with a twinge of Tomato and other flavours. Many recipes use a ton of tomato which is less authentic but still delicious.

White Sauces[edit]

White Sauces often start from a roux and generally contain a healthy amount of dairy, as such they are usually quite rightly seen as less healthy. Which is to say delicious.

  • Alfredo: butter and heavy cream, rarely called Alfredo when not served with fettuccine
  • carbonara: eggs, cheese, bacon, and black pepper

Green Sauces[edit]

Generally the pesto sauces, but anything else that fits the bill will go here too. The brilliant green of Basil based pesto