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Featured Cuisine:Filipino Food Extravaganza


Brought to you by: Gravity84

It seems that Filipino food is really coming into popularity these days. I remember growing up and having to be slightly apologetic about the food, mentioning oxtails, tripe, tongue, blood stew, and duck fetuses don't exactly whet the palate of your average American. Well with people like Chris Cosentino and others fighting the good fight in snout-to-tail eating, and the recent episode of 24 hr Restaurant Battle featuring a Filipino restaurant ( that won with a menu serving oxtail, tripe, and lengua ), and even Tony Bourdain's proclamation that Filipino Lechon is the best pig in the world, perhaps Filipino food will be the next food trend.


When you visit the Filipino Food Page Gravity84 walks you through the basics of Filipino cooking. He introduces you to common Filipino ingredients, sauces and methods as well as a number of recipes from this fantastic flavourful cuisine.

What are you waiting for? Dive in and READ MORE

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