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URL Rewriting/Search Indexing Mojo[edit]

Hey Toast... I'm not sure if you realized this side effect of url rewriting, but it looks like you may have to work some more mojo in order to use robots.txt or submitting a sitemap to google. (See for a way to automagically generate a sitemap from Mediawiki and for some info on how google indexes the site). Being on a *NIX system, you might consider having a /wiki/ being in the url through a symbolic link intrepreted as a php file pointing to the /w/index.php. Just my 0.02$ Regards, Charlie 21:38, 9 September 2006 (PDT)

Other notes... I'm not sure if it's your server or not, but upgrading to php 5 so you can upgrade to the latest 1.7.1 release or even the 1.8 alpha branch with all of the extensions out of subversion may be helpful down the line... (Can you tell I've been hacking at mediawiki all summer?) If you were to upgrade, you'll probably want to make MediaWiki namespace pages for the items you added to MediaWiki:Sidebar (like MediaWiki:sitesupport-url and MediaWiki:sitesupport). I'm not sure if those category links would cause problems, but if you tried to use an external link url, it'll try to do internationalization (in 1.8 alpha the different languages are intrepreted as subpages to the messages... see wikipedia:MediaWiki:mainpage/en vs. wikipedia:MediaWiki:mainpage/ru) and as a result will break the wiki. I'll stop rambling at you now. Regards, Charlie 22:04, 9 September 2006 (PDT)

I'll take a look, I'm swamped at the moment though, so it's probably a "In a few weeks" type thing. Toast

Categories and such[edit]

Hey on the one Cheese and Manicotti page I'm working on, what appropriate categories should I use for that? Italian, cheese, and the author's name? Also, the pictures on the page are a bit wacky. Any suggestions on how I can fix that? Aaand...when I transfer the information over, do you want me to copy it directly word for word and picture for picture? Ms. Happiness

Deletion of articles[edit]

Hey Toast, it looks like you deleted the articles Whoop-Juice and Shit Nuggets. I was wondering why that was ... they were in the GBSFood category and just needed to be moved over. Likewise, there are a lot of articles that I made for the GBSFood thing to serve as placeholders. Jiran 01:31, 30 November 2009 (UTC)

Spam spam spammity spam[edit]


Is there any way to tighten up the user registration process at all? I try to check every day but sometimes the amount of spam being put up is too much to keep up with. Also I never want to see the phrase "payday loans" ever again. ~Drimble Wedge