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Recipe by: His Divine Shadow Uploaded by Drimble Wedge

Just made this. I thought maybe it was a cake, or a pie in english but apparently it's called a crumble. Made with lingonberries (picked & turned into jam by us), my mom used to make these and I got the recipe from her, first attempt. Slightly overdone. I have no idea really what their proper name would be. According to my mom they're called "Smulkaka" here or "crumbly cake".


The dough


Crumbly stuff


Mix together the ingredients of the dough, except the egg, whip it and add it after you've mixed the dough a while. Then pour it out into a greased sheet pan (the normal pan for this here is 30x40cm or 11x15") and flatten it out across the pan.

Then simply spread out the lingonberry jam evenly over the dough.

The crumbly stuff on top is made by simply mixing all the ingredients together, then you just toss it randomly over the whole thing.

Into the oven at 225C (440F) for 20-25 minutes. Better check this, I was busy with something and forgot to check until the beeper went off and I probably should've brought them out at 20 mins. Ovens vary and all that.

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