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Submitted by Idimmu

(Original thread:

One fateful Saturday afternoon, their was a cataclysmic event that caused ripples through both space and time. The notorious extra-terrestrial fugitive Stitch, met the mercenary bounty hunter DoubleDealer.....

What happens when the two most fiercesome enemies across the entire universe collide in a humble kitchen? Stip poker? A game of limp biscuit? A holocaust to end all holocausts?


They bake a cake!

They scoured the Universe for resources, stripping planets bare and gathering:

  • 8oz sugar
  • 8oz self raising flour
  • 8oz margarine
  • 4 eggs

stuff to go on the top of the cake:

  • chocolate


As you can see, DoubleDealer is weighing out the sugar, 8oz, precisely.


And now the margarine. DoubleDealer likes to use Stork margarine as it is good for pastries, cakes and scones.


The margarine and sugar must then be creamed, and as everyone knows, there is no better way to cream something than with positronic ray guns! This is Stitch's domain as although DoubleDealer has a dominating arsenal, his intercontinental ballistic missile just won't cut it! PEEEEEEW PEEEEEEEEW!



As Stitch is the strongest entity in the known Universe, it was his task to make a well in the mixture, and break an egg in to it. He went a little too far however and totally annihalated the first egg covereing DoubleDealer in shrapnel and albumen. He does not look happy.


DoubleDealer then adds a tablespoon of flour over the egg as apparently it can curdle if you do not do it correctly, he had to ring his mum to find this out though!


Eventually all the eggs and flour are added and stirred in




No DoubleDealer, don't throw Stitch in to the cake /o\


After cleaning himself up Stitch then greased the inside of 2 tins using some of the left over Stork margarine.


Working as a team, in unison the duo then filled the tins using the cake mixture


25 minutes later after putting the tins in to an oven at 180 degrees C