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Goons with Spoons Wiki Holiday Recipe Extravaganza Contest!

As evidenced by the wonderful world of retail, the holiday season is pretty much upon us. Pretty much everyone has at least one day at this time of year where they gloriously descend into that wonderful yet disgusting state known as holiday food coma. For a lot of us it’s Thanksgiving, Christmas never helps the waistline for those of us who celebrate and god help me when Halloween rolls around (and that wonderful discount candy day that follows it).

With Canadian Thanksgiving just a few days away, and the 6 month anniversary of the Goons with Spoons Wiki falling very close to American Thanksgiving I figured a new contributor contest was in order.

So between now (October 1st) and the end of December I’m asking everyone to contribute their favorite holiday recipes to the wiki. All recipes will have to be properly submitted (and formatted to standards) by January 2nd. We’ll then have some ICSA style voting, if there are too many submissions we may have multiple polls to pare down the entries to a final table sort of thing.

I haven’t decided yet if I’ll do the best of the categories from just the highest rated of each category on the overall vote or do something more specific (I’d rather not have 80 polls… we’ll see how many submissions we get)


Grand Prize:

$20 Dollar Gift Certificate from Amazon (or some other reputable online retailer, I don’t mind... Prize may get better if I find myself with more money)

Best from each category

(Appetizer) (Main Course) (Side Dish) (Dessert)

SA Gift Cert (:10bux:)

Others depending on # of Entries

SUPER AMAZING Goons with Spoons Wiki logo vinyl stickers.


I reserve the right to be dictatorial on these.

1. I don’t have any really strict guidelines for the food, but they should be things that you would serve to family/groups in a holiday setting to be valid for the contest. While I would love to see more bachelor/quickie meals on the wiki, please don’t submit them for the contest as well.

2. Please follow the wiki submission guidelines as listed at contributing . If you have any questions about these guidelines, or formatting in general, feel free to post them in the general wiki upkeep sticky at the top of the forum. Include the category category:Holiday Contest 2006 as well as category:Holiday so that I (as well as everyone else) can quickly sort by the entries.

3. Please try not to submit an exact duplicate of someone else’s recipe (duh)

4. Please post in the SA thread with a link to your recipe and what category it falls into (Appetizer)(Main Course) (Side Dish) (Dessert) if your recipe might fall into multiple categories choose one that you’d like to have it judged as.

i.e. Toast: Cranberry Ricotta Tart {link} (Dessert)

5. Due to the latest Iron Chef SA being for that horrible thing known as pumpkin, no doubt lots of people will be making holiday orientated dishes with the orange beast. I would love to see these posted on the wiki and submitted in the contest, HOWEVER, they must be submitted as 'individual' dishes, not complete meals. Make sure you add the category:Iron Chef SA 014:Pumpkin tag so that they show up as entries under that contest as well.


I’d love to offer a few more prizes, but that’s really all I can afford being a poor student.(especially right after Christmas) If anyone would like to contribute another prize or prizes, shoot me a PM on the SA boards.

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