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A tolerable refuge from the hell that is South Georgia! Goons that are fleeing from the vacuum of everything below our capital and want to throw some money at a philosophy or art degree often find themselves in Athens, Georgia- home to the University of Georgia and one of the poorest counties in the United States. Some sad saps still love this town and have contributed to a guide of how to avoid eating at Applebee’s or Wendy’s while in the city that spawned REM.

Bakeries and Delis[edit]

  • Big City Bread
    • They make great cakes with vegan options. They also sell fresh bread, pastries, and have a café by the same name but under a different owner. Farmer's market on Saturdays 9am to 1pm. 393 N. Finley Street
  • Black Forest
    • 1040 Gaines School Road (In Ansonborough)

Burgers and Fries[edit]

  • The Grill
    • A fifties style dinner and Athen's staple. The service is sketchy but, the main appeal of The Grill is that it is open 24 hours, has "keep 'em coming" coffee, and diabetes inducing milk shakes. After a show my answer to what to do next is usually 'milk shakes at the Grill'. There are vegetarian options and few other places to get a decent meal at three avenue downtown
  • Clocked
    • The best burgers in Athens. You may also entertain yourself by watching silent B movies on the tiny TV or pondering the plastic dinosaurs. Those of you who think B movies and dinosaurs are over-rated are probably jerks. You probably wouldn’t like the double-bubble the give you with your check either. 259 W Washington St next to the 40 watt

Brew and Pubs[edit]

  • Aromas
    • The space is absolutely beautiful. Although I'm of the old school that thinks lace, leather, and stained glass go well together. Their black currant tea is also good and they sometimes do wine tasting. 1235 South Milledge Avenue
  • Copper Creek
    • Home-brewed booze “from tank to tap”. For those of you who aren’t local be forewarned smoking indoors is prohibited in Athens. Walk downtown and you’ll see crowds around the doors of pubs for this exact reason. Enjoy the fresh air- smokers and non-smokers alike! 140 E. Washington St.
  • The Royal Peasant
    • A true English pub in case you get an urge to watch some Footie, eat some Bangers and Mash and wash it down with a pint. Five Points
  • Trappeze
    • The Bar that absorbed Hot Corner Coffee has branched out into the brunch business! 269 North Hull Street downtown
  • Cine
    • The tiny art house theater in downtown also has a bar with booze, coffee, and pastries. On selected weekdays they collaborate with The National for $25 dinner and a movie.234 West Hancock Avenue downtown



  • Two Story
    • A new coffeeshop/roaster in 5 points. Try the Gelatto!
  • Jittery Joe's
    • An Athens chain of coffee shops. Tasty beverages, decent pastry and often cool local art on the walls. Several Locations including 5 points, Barnett Shoals and Alps Rd/Baxter St
  • OK Coffee
    • Literally a hole in the wall. This place offers the only freshly made Belgian waffles and nuttela combination that I've found in Athens. An added bonus is the space next to the hole in the wall for eating, drinking, and loafing about which allows one to hide from the inevitable hobo asking for change. college avenue
  • Espresso Royale
    • Various pastries, coffees, and sandwiches. Most importantly- convenient. There is also a space downstairs for loafing.Broad street


  • Cali’N’Tito’s
    • Decent fare and you can pretend you're at the beach by building sand castles out front although I don't think they'd like that much. Eat the Cuban sandwich and BYOB South Lumpkin


  • KEBA
    • Sadly re-christened as “Uncle Otto’s” after the original "Achim's K-Bob". Achim, a local entrepreneur from Germany who formerly played in the Berlin Philharmonic started “Achim’s” in response to the lack of Kabap's in the U.S. He offers beef, chicken, falafel and feta. I go here when I want to know what it would be like to die happy from a heart-attack after I order the combo with fries, curry dressing, and a giant root beer. 1860 Barnett Shoals Rd


  • Taste of India
    • These jerks usurped Bombay café by opening up this place not three doors down. It is debated as to which is better although I suppose it is pointless to argue now. They have a buffet and are the only Indian place I am aware of in Athens. Sad,sad,sad. Downtown Broad
  • Taj Mahal Indian Grocery
    • Word on the street is she put her father out of business for spite. Only mention the "Oriental" that was once on Prince if you want to see her frown. This may or may not be entertaining or get you a discount.Baxter


  • Little Italy
    • Cheesey Calzone at two am? Yes, ma'am. They also have fantastic pizza.North Lumpkin Downtown Avoid the drunks by byob (bring your own
  • Transmetropolitan
    • Yes, there's tacky crap on the wall but that tacky crap is part of the building's history. The booths were hewn from the "heart pine wood" that was removed during the renovation of the building. The owner's are Georgian and one of them is a university graduate. The pizza is good and options are nigh endless. Get a large pesto pizza and split it with your nancy friends E. Clayton Downtown
  • Tuscan Market
    • Sells pannini and offers a store of Itlian imports like pasta, coffee, cheese, preserves and more.1063 Baxter St.


  • Kelly's Jerk
    • 2017 S. Milledge Ave.


  • SA Rang Bang Grocery
    • 50 Gaines School Road (East Side)


  • Agua Linda
    • I prefer their tacos here to anywhere else in Athens. Served with soft warm tortilla and tongue meat.Prince Avenue
  • Los Compadres
    • A Mexican Grocery 1380 Prince Ave behind Agua Linda
  • El Salvador
    • Plato Tipico 2 comes with a whole fried fish head and all. Doesn't get more authentic than that. Pescado frito is all over the damn place in the Yucatan.Gaines School Road in the corner of the ChooChoo Express lot
  • La Jalisco Supermercado
    • Mexican Grocery 3750 Old Jefferson Road
  • Tienda Guanaguato
    • Mexican Grocery Barber Street

Middle Eastern[edit]

  • The Sultan
    • Restaurant, bakery, grocery, and classes in Arabic.3812 Athens Hwy


  • Doc Chey's
    • 320 East Clayton St. at Jackson St. Downtown


  • Five Star Day
    • If there is something to celebrate I always want to come here in the morning. The five star day breakfast: Biscuits topped with fried-green tomatoes, sunny side up egg, and white gravy. Fruit on the side, please. E. Broad Street Downtown
  • The Grit
    • The Golden Bowl, The Daily Noodle Bowl, Vegan choclate death cake. The restaurant is all vegetarian and serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a break from three-five. Another Athen's staple. You can not go wrong by buying their cookbook. Worth every penny.199 Prince Avenue
  • Mama’s Boy
    • E. Broad st (just past downtown), alternately known as 197 Oak street, alternately known as Lexington
  • Weaver D's
    • 1016 E Broad St
  • Wilson's
    • Fried chicken, some people swear by it. 351 N. Hull


  • Utage
    • Japanese atmosphere and good sushi E. Clayton downtown
  • Shokitini
    • Purportedly a new sushi/sports bar plus karaoke W. Clayton street downtown
  • Inoko
    • Known for Dine-in Hibachi with some sushi as well. Alps Road and Inoko Express on Gaines School Road
  • RuSan's
    • Japanese-fusion styled sushi restaurant with a wide variety of rolls, entrees and appetizers. Also known for having "towers" of Japanese beers. Alps/Beechwood Shopping Center


  • Common Ground
    • Free food brought to you by your local anarchists. Menu is dictated by food donated. Perfect if you are a hobo, college student, or just curious. These categories are not exclusive. Mondays, Wednesdays (4:30-8:00) and Saturday (2pm) on College Avenue to eat and 157 N Newton Street to prepare.
  • Farm 255 "The Farm"
    • A restaurant based on the philosophy of local, seasonal, and sustainable farming practices. The space is beautiful both inside and outside. Live Jazz is performed in the courtyard on wednesdays during half off house wine night. Athens' Full Moon farms is the source of the 255 concept and also functions as a research facility and teaching tool for the University and community. They serve delicious food with an Italian quality. The staff is acommodating, pleasant, and knowledgable. Be prepared to spend a decent amount of cash. 255 west washington street downtown, there is a sign but you have to walk down the courtyard to see it.
  • Five and Ten
    • Pretty much the best restaurant in Athens.5 points on S. Lumpkin
  • Lumpkin Cafe
    • Open everyday except Sunday for Lunch only, shares a house with "The Ecclectic Sisters" a store of novelties and local artists's work; or as one of the owners told me, "whatever we think is interesting". The cafe sells homemade soups, salads, sandwiches, and cakes. S. Lumpkin

Groceries and Specialty stores[edit]

  • Athens Seafood Company
    • 1021 Baxter
  • Blockader Homebrew Supply
    • Everything you need for your own brewing needs. The owner is so nice, pleasant, doesn't mind just shooting the breeze, and knows a lot about homebrewing. The store looks a bit empty but don't let that fool you. He's got all the essentials and can help you find what you want. 855 W Broad Street
  • Daily Co-Op
    • For all your hippie needs. Bulk tofu, tabuli, pasta, soy sauce. Bulk most everything. They also make great vegetarian sandwiches and dips. Try the veg salad or Tempeh Ruben.Prince avenue under the giant hanging carrot that may or may not still be there
  • Dondero's Kitchen
    • Deli, market, cooking classes, International cuisine, and catering. Located inside a renovated historic home in a neighborhood near Prince and on Milledge. 584 North Milledge Ave
  • Earth Fare
    • For the discerning hippie who likes to eat poblano peppers and seventeen different kinds of cheese. They have a bakery, deli, and buffet in addition to bulk foods. They also offer free cooking classes on every other Wednesday.S. Lumpkin
  • Fook’s Foods
    • East-Asian grocery. Baxter
  • Gosford Wine
    • A very pleasant and knowledgable staff. They also have a good selection of cheeses. Ask one of the owners about his cruise through Italy and Montepulciano in particular. See their website about Wednesday seminars. the corner of Alps and Baxter (Alps shopping center)
  • GrillMaster
    • Among other things they will process your deer for you. Whoo, Georgia! 145 Epps Bridge Rd.

  • Healthy Gourmet
    • 1087 Baxter Street
  • Phoenix Natural Foods Market
    • Corner of Pulaski and 296 W Broad Street
  • Rainbow Seafood Market
    • 1084 Baxter Street
  • Shiraz
    • Wine and Gourmet food. 675 Pulaski Street
  • The University of Georgia Meat Science Technology Center
    • Every Friday from one to five p.m. the University opens its doors to the general public. They offer pork and beef in a wide variety of cuts executed by students in classes like "Introducty Meat Science". Between East Campus Village and College Station

Farms and Cooperatives?[edit]

Athens has the benefit of being surrounded by farmland unlike many of the other bigger cities included so far. I thought we should showcase our local famers who often times you can buy directly from. Maybe if you're just passing through you might not visit these places or buy from the people, but Athenians might want to buy local from their neighbors. Sometimes these places give tours or offer "pick your own" programs.