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Here is the format I started using...

Submitted by xxxx

Recipe summary goes here

The content box below will appear automatically and contain the headings that you include.

Preheat, Early Prep or Marinade[edit]

Anything that you need to do before starting the main prep.

wikipedia:Marinade , things that need to sit in the fridge an hour etc... wikt:Ziti Wiktionary:Ziti


Use a list starting the line with a * creates a bullet, more stars gives more depth


  • One Star
    • Two Star
      • Three Star


How you make the damn thing


Anything special to serve the thing?


Any variations you may have, or some that others come up with after trying your recipe.category:Iron Chef SA category:Greek Category:Thai

Any categories you may want to place the recipe in, usually type of food, type of cuisine and your personal listing page.